I have been hesitant to start on this topic, as I know I won’t be able to stop for some time, because their food is so incredible.  I could start with the pastries, and they are beautiful and tasty, but the seafood is what won my heart.  And it’s like no seafood I’ve ever had before.



This is a spider crab.  Apparently it is only found around Venice (someone correct me if I’m wrong).  Now, I’ve had pepper crab in Singapore which I dream about having again one of these days, but this crab was just as tasty, maybe because I had it in a PASTA DISH at Vini da Gigio.  That was put in all caps because everything good in Italy can be and is made into some sort of pasta dish.  This one was simply called ‘spaghetti granseola (the name of the crab).  It was unctuous, decadent, sinful in its deliciousness.  Fortunately, Jane ordered it too.  We usually like to get different things for more variety, but this time we didn’t, which was a good thing.

By the way, I highly recommend Vini da Gigio.  We read numerous reviews online from blogs, etc before carefully choosing where to eat for the slight 2 evenings we had…wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth to create a very short list that finally got edited down to 2.  So to say we were careful in our selections would be an understatement.  Both of our evening choices were TINY, and had we not reserved in advance, we would have missed out.  We watched numerous people turned away at the door throughout our meal.  Here is the grappa selection which is by the front entryway to tempt you, or depress you if you didn’t have a reservation…



Sorry its a little out of focus, but you get the idea.  They had a lot of grappa choices if you were so inclined.  For the main course I chose the frito misto, which included calamari, scampi, sardines, ‘greens from the lagoon’ (we joked about pond scum, but it tasted really good) and a slab of white polenta that was so creamy I thought it was made from potatoes (that’s how good it was!).  Jane ordered scallops that included the roe, something neither of us had ever seen in the States.

We should have had dessert but were too full since we’d had cichetti earlier, but more on that later.  Still to come, lunch and dinner on day 2, which totally blew our minds!