I was inspired by my fellow blogger ‘My French Heaven’, whose blog I adore.  He was on his way to the farmer’s market today in France so I ventured to my local farmer’s market in Matthews, a tiny, charming suburb of Charlotte.  It operates year round (bless them!) and although its much smaller this time of year, you can still bring home great produce, meats, baked goods and cheeses.  Today they were serving hot cider, but most weeks during the warmer months, they have cooking demonstrations by local chefs.



This is one of my favorite farms, and they always have gorgeous, artistic displays and great offerings.



Of course, I got there shortly before 9 so the selection was already picked over a bit, but i managed to get a few things which I will be cooking for dinner…



In addition, I stopped by Grateful Growers (www.ggfarm.com) and picked up some of their pork sausage, which they make from happy pigs up in the Lincolnton area.  They are one of the strongest proponents of our local farm-to-table movement, and have a restaurant, Harvest Moon Grill in uptown Charlotte that is FANTASTIC…please stop by if you’re in Charlotte for a great meal (www.harvestmoongrillecharlotte.com).  I am not paid to promote them at all, I just love what they are doing and appreciate their dedication to feeding Charlotteans good food!

There are many other farmers there, including the ‘flower lady’…



And the people selling umpteen types of peppers, herbs, etc…



There’s nowhere I’d rather be on Saturday morning.  By the way, there is a french chef who has a booth during the ‘high’ season so I can get my francophile fix, at least seasonally!