It is a restaurant.  It has cow.  It has fish.  It has burgers.  It has sushi.  It has burgushi.  What?  This is Charlotte NORTH CAROLIINA…what is the world coming to?  A very interesting one it seems.  The food gurus behind this venture are clearly having a blast, and the crowds attest to their mutual love of this most unusual concept, so much so that they are opening a new Cowfish in Raleigh as we speak.

Yes, they have all kinds of sushi rolls with crazy names and ingredients.  I had the tropical storm roll with 3 kinds of fish. Check it out on the website because my pictures don’t do it justice.


My dining companion had the ‘burgushi’ which was lobster and filet mignon, the rare beef placed on top of a roll of rice with lobster in the center…completely decadent and bizarre in a good way.  Again, my pictures are dark like the atmosphere, and I’m not one of those who enjoys a flash every 10 seconds at the next table so I don’t do it to others..sorry.



His was topped with some flash fried mushrooms and a yummy dipping sauce….crazy good.

Dessert, which I try desperately not to order, was fantastic.  Coconut almond cheesecake, but made with coconut milk…creamy, dreamy and raspberry sauce to finish and blackberries on top….mmmm.



I will be going back.  Don’t even get me started on the parmesan truffle fries…