Just had to share this with you.  My oldest did her senior exit project on the Japanese Diet versus the American diet and came up with a Japanese fast food concept called ‘Super-yaki’ (not super yucky, please!).  Why, you might ask?  Because her mom has been feeding her eel and all things Japanese since she was a wee tike.

She made Okonomiyaki (otherwise known as Japanese pancake, which really doesn’t do it justice at all) for the panel of judges, along with a rendering of said restaurant, menu, furnishings, etc..



Here’s the final product!  We did a dry run the day before just to make sure everything would go off without a hitch.  The best part was, the panel of three judges ate the whole thing…a very good sign (she aced it, by the way).

And here’s a concept of the restaurant….investors welcomed!



Pretty impressive for a 17 year old, don’t you think??