I have not yet written about the food on our trip, not because it wasn’t spectacular, but because it was and I have been overwhelmed at the prospect of where to start.  And it was in front of my face the whole time…breakfast!

First of all, the 2 hotels we stayed in were AWESOME(Artemide/Rome and Boscolo/Venice) and to say I highly recommend them would be an understatement.  But let’s start with their breakfasts.  Both offered a complimentary buffet breakfast that puts most US buffet breakfasts to shame, except for the Ventana in Big Sur California (which I still remember fondly some 20 odd years later, but I digress).

Here is an example of what some of mine mornings started with….hey, I was on vacation, I can overeat!



We had eggs, salmon, cheese and salumi, fresh fruit, yogurt from the Alps, fresh squeezed orange juice (the hotel in Rome had about 8 different kinds including a green one that we think was apple melon) and cafe Americano (with hot milk, not really American coffee at all, that’s just what they call it…we had espresso every morning after that too, caffeine junkies that we are).



And here’s another morning, this time with salad, yep, salad…love it!



And here we have more salad AND pizza…it’s Italy, go figure!



Now that’s what I’m talking about….dessert for breakfast!  Note the RED orange juice in the background…yum!  Viva Italia is all I can say…