It’s sort of if you count weird creams and ointments, but since I do, we’ll call it a beauty haul.  Here are some of the interesting things I brought back….

Now I know what you’re thinking…what is all that crap??  Let me enlighten you.  I did my homework before the trip and read about a bunch of other people like me who haunt pharmacies when they go overseas.  I had a laundry list of oddities to purchase while over there and also found a few old favorites and some new ones I’m excited about that weren’t on ANYONE’S lists.

Some of you are more than likely familiar with Marvis toothpaste as they sell it in a few retailers in the States, but I can not tell you how insanely refreshing and wonderful the Aquatic Mint is (in blue).  I saw a flavor over there I had not seen which was black (licorice…blech!) but if you’re a fan like my sister, more power to you.  The Italians love licorice in every way, shape and form.  I made the error of buying a bag of candy (posted yesterday) which was called ‘morbid toffe'(of course I bought it for the name!) which turns out to be caramel with a licorice flavor, and ironically, I like it.  Go figure.  Anyway, back to the haul…

I got 2 ‘medicinal’ items, the Homeoplasmine and the Biafin, which are interesting.  The homeoplasmine is kind of like Neosporin in texture, but with natural ingredients like Calendula.  It’s helping my woefully dry skin.  The other, Biafin, is like a miracle cream if you read about it online…cures burns, cancer, whatever.  I’m going to use it judiciously and see what miracles occur for me and will keep you posted, like if all my wrinkles disappear.

What kind of weirdo buys deodorant on a trip?  Me totally.  I have used a Lancome product, Bocage, which is only available in France for years but the prices have gone nuts, like over $20 a pop, so I was searching out an alternative and found the most amazing brand.  Its called Farmacia al Lupo Coronato and its probably only sold in Venetian pharmacies so I’m screwed since I don’t speak Italian.  Maybe I’ll learn it so I can order more, as there’s no web site, only a phone number.  I digress.  This stuff smells heavenly, and yes, I bought 2.  I also bought this hair conditioner from them that is ‘balsamo’ and again, smells lovely.  I’m one of those people who can’t stand the reek of Yankee Candle, BBW (most of the time, although I do love Slatkin) or the grocery store aisle with all those nasty ‘plug-in’ scents. The European scents are so much more delicate and suit my olfactory taste.

Speaking of olfactory, Jane and i both picked up a new fragrance at the Laura Tonnato boutique, which is exquisite, and right outside a gorgeous ancient columned building, which I have no idea what it was (remember, culture is way down the list) but I did get Jane to take my picture in front of it…

Anyway, the Laura Tonnato fragrance I bought came in the tiny rollerball container for easy transport.  I highly recommend her unique scents.  I purchased ‘Dama’ which is powdery and musky at the same time…loving it.  Jane bought a large bottle of ‘Plaisir’ which was unforgettable, and a great name besides.  We left the store totally reeking and happy as could be.  The prices were also incredibly reasonable, oh, and they have home fragrances too.  You can buy them online as well.

Last but not least, Robert’s Rosewater in the lovely blue container which I purchased at a grocery store (seriously) for about 3 Euro, so cheap it should be a crime.  This stuff is wonderful as a makeup remover, toner, whatever…I will be lavishing it on every day till the container is empty and I will then weep.

Forgot to mention the little containers on the right are Etro products from our hotel (NOT the Danieli) the Boscolo, which is part of the Marriott Autograph Collection and I cannot recommend them HIGHLY ENOUGH…that hotel put the Danieli to shame.  More on the hotel later…