I’m playing catch up from my NYC trip this spring that I mentioned in an earlier post.  I want to tell you all the super cool things we found on our trip.  Let me point out that I lived there for years, and am a bit of a snob when it comes to food and fashion, so  its not easy to impress me, but Joe Fresh did.  Ok, the name is catchy/corny, but what really works is a combination of style and price.  It would fall into the H & M/XX1 ‘flea market’ trap, but it doesn’t because the stores are minimally merchandised and clean, clean, clean!  In addition, the 5th Avenue store we visited (on opening day, thank you very much) had gorgeous dramatic artwork to set off the stark white interior.

While I am thrilled that they exist, I’m frustrated that you can’t purchase online yet, but if you’re in NYC, check them out for GREAT FASHIONS and PAINLESS PRICES.

Celia and I couldn’t help but have some fun in the dressing room.  We both bought the orange jeans too!