I will be honest though, starting a blog and grad school at the same time is NOT a good idea, at least for the blog.  So my apologies.  I won’t even say that I will try to do better, but hey, at least I’m posting, so that’s something, right?

Let’s talk about my week IN CHARLOTTE NC, home of the notorious DNC.   to add insult to injury, I work in Ballantyne where POTUS and the wife were staying.  Did they REALLY have to close the road that I commute on every day, so that my normal 20 minute commute became one hour?

Did I see him? No, but I did see more police officers than I thought the city of Charlotte employed, and I saw the beginning of a motorcade stopping traffic on 485 for several miles (I was thankfully going the opposite direction).  I saw/heard about celebrity sightings, including James Carville (does he count?), Bill Clinton, Kim Kardashian, Beau Bridges, Patricia Arquette and Brad Pitt, all of whom I can do without.

Between the two conventions, it has polarized my friends on Facebook into two camps.  I don’t normally get all hot under the collar about politics, but I’m getting really tired of certain former high school buddies who can’t stop proselytizing about how amazing Obama is…seriously??  In case you haven’t figured out yet, I’m a republican, and although I’m not super enthused about Romney, I AM excited about his running mate, Paul Ryan and wish he were our candidate instead of the ‘spare’.

This weekend we’re heading to Wilmington…got to do a bit of food research to see what to check out during our 24 hour jaunt (mainly to watch my amazing teenage daughter run a XC race!).

Ciao for now!