Facebook just isn’t enough, and Twitter is, well, short and tweet so this blog is a place where I can spread my wings and fly, hopefully.  Now, don’t get your hopes up and all, because I start GRAD SCHOOL next week and I’m FIFTY.  You’re all saying WTF, and frankly, so am I, but then, life is short, you die, etc. so why not?

I WILL be ranting and raving about the perverseness of academia, I am sure, and a boatload of other things, like complaining about ‘homework’ after all these years, lack of sleep, etc but I did not call this Trendbytes for nothing, so you will get your dose of juicy, of the moment tidbits and whatever I feel like talking about at any given time, like my French bulldog Buster, or the love in my life and sexiest-man-ever, who, from this day forward, will go by Baby, since that is what I call him all the time (sorry Baby!).

Right now I must obsess over one item that is driving me mad!!!!  It is a perfume called Gypsy Water.  I read about it in some magazine, Lord knows which one, and I went online to try it.  There are a few websites you can go to and buy small samples of just about any perfume on the planet (I can not think of a better way to waste an hour that checking out these web sites!) like http://www.luckyscent.com and http://www.surrendertochance.com.

The company that makes Gypsy Water is called Byredo out of Stockholm and the dude that started it is  31 years old.  He’s like the Mark Zuckerberg of fragrance, seriously!  Most ‘noses’ are ancient, and I can say that since I’m up there too.  I am uploading a picture so you can see how unpreposessing the packaging is, almost un-packaging, but it belies a deeply hypnotic scent that I can not get out of my mind, partially because I ran out of the tester a few days ago and my birthday isn’t until next month.  I save items like that for Baby to buy me, since I will adore him even more for it.  That’s neither here nor there.  What does this elixir smell like?  It reminds me of the guy in the book ‘Poison’, who has to kill women because he must have their essence for himself.  I’m not quite that bad, but pretty close.  I smell something deeply earthy like faded leather, a vague peppery scent that makes you almost hungry.  The web site points out top notes of bergamot, pepper, lemon and juniper berries.  Midddle notes of pine needles, orris root and incense and a base of vanilla, sandalwood and amber.  Frankly, it sounds almost like a recipe.  Being the foodie that I am, no wonder I like it.  All I can say is YUM.  It is absolutely the best scent ever invented.  And I am sure that the others are amazing too.  There are a few dedicated to the male population, but you know how women are about their fragrances….obsessive maybe?